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international artist-in-residence program in rural Finland

OpeArtEdu art education project Mikkeli schools

OpeArtEdu ART EDUCATION PROJECT- teacher at school

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  • With colored crayon children have visualized the Bremer Town Musicians Soft crayon and Bremer Town Musicians show the various imagination of children.
    Children have painted birds flying in the sky with gouache.

    During the OpeArtEdu project the teachers were developing the information they were discussing in the meetings. Through the way how to formulate a subject, what goals and how to guide the child in its work and how to exam the quality of the work were the main items.

    Related to the regular work new assignments were started and discussed afterwards. The materials could be different. There were assignments like: Bremen town-musicians, birds flying up into the air, me and my friend.

    The works are executed in paint (gouache), pastel and crayon. Paint is an important material because it gives a long time the possibility to change the work layer after layer. The intensity of the work will grow by the different layers. The way how the brush can be used and how the foreground and the background are related to each other are able to grow during the work.

    The quality of the material is important. Gouache is a perfect material for building up layers and changing during the process. Only a few colors are necessary -WHIT-CITRON YELLOW- YELLOW OCHRE - VERMILLION (OR SCARLET) RED - CARMINE (OR MAGENTA) RED - LIGHT BLUE AND ULTRAMARINE BLUE
    As a colored crayon NEO COLOR I is a perfect material it has a high percentage of pigment, the binder is bee wax and the colors are brilliant.

    With gouache it is possible to work in several layers and to change forms and colors during the work process.

    As a colored crayon NEO COLOR I is a perfect material it has a high percentage of pigment, the binder is bee wax and the colors are brilliant and to mix the colors is also easy. It is possible to work in different layers and to change during the process. It is only difficult to change from a very dark color to a very light one without using a lot of white.

    Good black and white materials are graphite pencil and Indian inkt.

    Me and my friend show the relation between a child and their favorite.


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