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  • Saksala ArtRadius is a unique international Art Centre and can be found in Haukivuori, situated in the beautiful lake district of Finland. In the many departments of the centre people can be found immersed in art, craftsmanship and art research.
    The artist-in-residence program for professional artists has an interesting special component for students in the arts and art education to study their final art practice.

    The art centre has the expertise in the fields of art, symposiums, art education, children's art projects, and can offer special programs and projects for students of art academies, teacher training colleges and art education studies. It is possible to stay for a short time to finish a special project, to stay for a longer period to concentrate on a research or deepening of a theme.
    There are possibilities to do practical work, but also to study some theoretical items in art history and/or art education.
    It is also possible to come with a small group to work together on a project. The art centre has an interesting art and art education library and an interesting collection child art which can be used by the student-in-residence.

    Embarking on and furthering one's art career, following a study at an art academy, can be a difficult process. Developing, widening and deepening one's vision takes time and requires fortitude. At the same time contacts must be forged and a good financial base laid for the practice. Young artists are offered many choices but often lack a location where they can work while focused and where reflection on their own work can take place.

    The Art Centre is situated in eastern Finland. During the winter months the centre has places for some young artists, who work here for a short or longer period.  A longer stay, up to 5 months, offers the opportunity to lay firm foundations, discover one's own path and leave with the necessary resources to enter the art world. During one's stay contact with others in the Art Centre and with visiting artists from Finland and the rest of the world will offer insight into the artist's own work. Discussion, criticism and conversation will help to clarify one's own vision, bringing strength and meaning to the work produced.



    ART and





    art academy
    university of applied science

    A student in his/her final year of the art studies can stay for 1 to 6 months to work on his/her autonomous art work.
    In the art centre are different ateliers and work spaces to use for small and/or large works in different fields.
    An artist can also work on a performance, presentation and/or installation.>
    During the stay there will be supervision by the art academy, art professionals related to the art centre and artists temporary staying during other projects.

    The intention is to offer an inspiring environment in which the student can find his/her own way in the art profession and art production.

    A student in his/her final year of the studies in art and art education can stay for 1-3 months to execute a practical program in art education.
    It is possible to work with adults, children in elementary and secondary schools and/or students of the higher grade.

    During the stay there will be supervision by professional art teachers, artists and selected professionals in the field of art education.

    The intention is to offer a place where it is possible to reflect on the theoretical studies and to practice a personal way of education.

    One or more students of an art academy or university of applied science can participate in international art exchange projects.
    The period of these projects can be from 1 week to 1 month.
    The art centre can offer special projects, but is also possible for other institutes or organizations to develop an own project.

    During the stay there will be supervision by art professionals, selected artists and/or the own professors of the art academy/university of applied science..

    The intention is to offer facilities and conditions to work during a short period intensively in an art project. 




    One or more students can work during a period of 1-3 months on an own art project. It is possible to do research in the field of art and also to execute a real project. Projects can be related to the local community, nature, social environment, personal view etc.

    During the stay there is supervision by arts professionals related to the content of the project.

    The intention is to offer a location where it is possible to setup a creative process related to the environment.

    A student in his/her final year can do research in the field of:
    -visual language
    -visual and art development of children
    -visions and methods in art education
    -an own curriculum in art education

    During the stay it is possible to visit different schools in the region. There is expertise in the field of art education available. The library and the archive of the Dutch AllaprimA Foundation with about 10 000 children's paintings and drawings are free to use.

    It is the intention to develop the knowledge and skills in the field of art education to increase the the level of art in education.

    The art centre is arranging short term (1-2 weeks) artist exchange projects and it is possible to participate as an individual student in one of the programs which is available during a certain period.

    During the program the student is working together with other international students in the same theme. Living and working together during a short period is an exiting experience to get new contacts and to get known about other cultures intentions and traditions.

    It is the intention to offer a various program in different fields of the arts and art education.



    A student can apply by sending an email with:
    - first name and last name
    - date of birth
    - address: street, zip code, city and country
    - academy of art or university of applied science
    - address: street, zip code, city and country
    - website of the institute
    - department you are studying
    - year of study
    - responsible mentor of the institute
    - email address and/or phone number
    - program you want to apply
    - short idea of your plan
    - period you want to stay in the student-in-residence
    Send this information to:
    with the subject:  application student-in-residence

    An art academy, university of applied science or an art group can apply by contacting Marja de Jong of art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    Send an email to
    and/or call phone number
    00358 50 4625 675

    It is also possible for an institute to execute an own program in the art centre.



    In the adjoining Open Air Museum workshops, forums and exhibitions are organized all year round. The contacts and confrontations with the visiting international artists lead to a widening and deepening of one's personal vision. The artist begins to build up his own network within the art world. We can offer visits to a number of National galleries. Finland has a solid reputation in the fields of modern design, contemporary architecture and new technology. In her renowned museums there is much to discover. Many smaller museums offer surprisingly interesting exhibitions covering all fields of contemporary art. And don't forget that St. Petersburg and her enormous treasure of historical art can easily be reached by train or bus, being only 400 kilometers away. features

    Shared features: a lobby with kitchen, washing machine and tumble dryer. A number of workspaces for design, two dimensional and three dimensional work are available, both indoors and outdoors. Participants are welcome to make use of all facilities, while of course respecting their fellow workers.

    A large sports complex can be found in the village where almost unlimited use of the fitness facilities is available at low cost.

    The art center started in 2005 with the first guests and the first artist-in-residence. The artist studios are complete renovated and furnished with kitchen, toilet and shower. Artists invited to stay in the residence program take part of the whole ambiance in the center. There is no huge organization on distance, but a direct contact between the artists and the small organization. The idea is to create a place were artists can work on their own artistic work, take part in the social live of the local community and be a part of the growing, changing and exploring art center.

    As a part of the temporary community in the center every artist is taking part in the maintenance of the art center. For instance in winter all can help with the wood storage for the heating system. Working together to prepare exhibitions and presentations is also a basic part. Living in this young, small and developing art center gives unique and unexpected experiences to the artist. National and international contacts are ongoing growing and participating artists will be involved this process. The art center is ongoing working on being a part of coordinating organizations in the field of art, artists, residences, new technology, tourism and art education.

    planned ateliers
    In the basement there are three ateliers where artists can work and stay. They are simple furnished and inviting for working. In 2009 the first of this three ateliers will be partly renovated, the Arts Council of Finland is supporting this renovation. In the attic is planned an extra huge atelier for the artists.

    The artist-in-residence is supported by:

    Arts Council Finland
    AllaprimA foundation the Netherlands
    AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry Finland

    Saksala ArtRadius

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