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OpeArtEdu art education project Mikkeli schools

OpeArtEdu ART EDUCATION PROJECT- art workshops school

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  • Introduction of the theme is important to give new visual information.

    The lessons in the school were executed by Riitta Moisander, and Marja de Jong, both authorities in the field of art education and with many years of experiences. Both were writing and publishing many articles and  and books about art and art education.

    The lessons during this project have been started with an introduction with the works of artists. It is good to see the differences and the way they choose for the colors, the forms and the composition.

    The relation person and background was the main item in this series of art lessons. It is related what is the meaning of the color of the background. Children have a good eye for looking after these items and they were very concentrated in finding an personal answer for these questions.

    To start painting and coloring it is good to give a clear assignment. In this series of lessons the portrait was the main item, but there is chosen for  different options. One group was working

    Every child gets its own palette with paint and to start a 'bigger' brush. It is important to start with the big forms and not with the details. Making big forms is easier with a bigger brush. The children are mixing the colors all the time by putting a little bit of two colors on the brush. In this way they are able to make their own personal mixed colors and nuances.

    The art works of professional artists are giving during the working process all the time a reflection on the own work. It expands the visual language of children. Without visual information a child cannot develop its possibilities.

    During the process children are concentrated and in dialogue with the own painting.
    Through instructions, reflections new ideas can appear in the work.
    With the attention of all some new ideas can be used also by others.
    image ©Behrouz Rae

    During the work it is important to see how each painting/drawing grows. Most of the guiding is individual related to the personal work of the child. Sometimes it needs to give extra information about the possibilities to the whole group.

    The way how the art material can be used is very important and needs to have attention. First painting the large forms to see if everything is on a good place.
    Many colors and small forms are even usefull as big forms. Every color shows different next to another color, therefore the paper has to be painted totally.
    Finally details are important. The teacher can suggest new solutions.

    During the lessons children are working very concentrated and were looking own solutions. New views are often possible after talking and discussing. The result is that the world can have many ways to be visualized.

    Wax crayon has its own method and possibilities. Changing forms with wax crayon is not as easy as with gouache but still possible.

    Wax crayon can also be used layer over layer, and it is possible to redesign an image several times. These layers are making the the image more interesting and stronger.

    Painting by Johanna

    Painting by Sara-Maaret.

    Painting by Ainomaria.

    Painting by Samu.

    Painting by Lasse.

    Painting by Esa

    Painting by Aku

    Painting by Arty.

    Wax crayon coloring by Riikka.

    Wax crayon coloring by Mika.

    Wax crayon coloring by Reetta

    Wax crayon coloring by Sanni.


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