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  • Special ART WEEK art and art education FLY IN THE SKY summer 2006


    The Dutch artist and Art-teacher Marja de Jong introduces a new view on art
    Different foundations support the initiative to create the possibility for teachers to paint by themselves intensively and discuss about the way the art process develops with them and also with children.
    During a week teachers of primary schools and children from the neighborhood of Saksala work on their own project, both groups will be taught by artist and art-teacher Marja de Jong. The teachers are staying on Saksala for 6 days and the children are coming 3 days, they come every day from their home.



    o to develop their own view, they work by themselves
    o come on Monday stay until Saturday
    o the first day Marja de Jong explains the program and gives assignments to study practically how to build up a painting and drawing and how to use the painting material
    you start to work by painting and drawing,
    in the evening we can discuss about the meaning of art education and the relation with your own art-work
    o the second day you start with your own art-work by research different ways to visualize the environment
    in the same time you see how Marja de Jong starts to work with the children
    in the evening we discuss about the work and how to continue
    o the third day we select in what way you can continue, the way of working had to be open en free from clichés
    in the evening we have a special look at the work of the children and discuss the possibilities of assignments
    o the fourth day we select some work to continue or take a detail of it to enlarge
    it is possible to make a series or make a large painting of it
    in the evening we discuss the differences between the art works and the relation between your own art work and the children’s art work
    o the fifth day you finish your work and we start to make an exhibition of the art work of the adults and the children
    in the evening there is the possibility to write some ideas to start art lessons in their own school



    o work by themselves and work in their own way
    o come on Tuesday until Thursday

    o the first day Marja de Jong teaches the children how to start a painting in the way they can change their ideas during the painting; they start also to collect ideas for a big project such as an art-kite, it cannot go in the air but it is a huge Asian kite

    o the second day the children start to make the background for the their big art-work
    they also start to paint and realize their ideas on it

    o the third day they continue their work until the end



    o during the work of the children Marja de Jong can explain to you what is going on and why she works like she does
    o it is important that you can see that the result is the end of a process and that there are possibilities to change ideas during that process
    o on Saturday everyone is invited to come and see the results of that week working
    o there will be photographs
    o participants, children, parents, relatives, friends, everyone is welcome; the makers explain what they have done and what kind of new possibilities they have learn
    o at the end of the presentation the art-works can take home



    workshops art and art education during summer holiday

    maximum of 8 adults and 8 children in the same workshop

    ART EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM NATURALLY ART organized by Etelä-Savon taidetoimikunta
    symposium end of the summer

    3 days Tuesday-Thursday

    teacher's art course FLY IN THE SKY
    1 week (Monday-Saturday)
    including: art-course, basic materials, education program, lunch and refreshments, lodging (based on 3 persons a room)

    children's art course FLY IN THE SKY
    3 days (Tuesday-Thursday 10 -15 o'clock)
    including: art course, materials, lunch and refreshments
    the children are coming and leaving by themselves every day

    art education symposium NATURALLY ART
    4 days Monday-Thursday (3 nights)
    including: lectures, workshops, materials,  meals, lodging (based on 4 persons a room)

    see also the art education program for more details


    The reduced price of the courses FLY IN THE SKY are possible thanks to stipendiums of the AllaprimA Foundation.

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