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    2007 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts

    Photo: Sophia Adrianopoulos

    Photo: Sophia Adrianopoulos

    Photo: Charles Giuliano

    TransCultural Exchange is proud to announce the enormous success of its 2007 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts, bringing artists face-to-face with each other and others in the field, expanding their worlds and possibilities for their works and ideas. A sample of responses noted that the Conference  “ . . provided concrete leads for opportunities in international artist residencies, lifted the veil of mystery behind the application process, and provided a mentoring interview that just might lead to a residency. “
    “ . . . expanded information on residencies exponentially.”
    “ . . . gave me ideas for a new direction in this juncture of my career and how to enhance what I am doing."
     - Survey responses from the Center for Policy Analysis, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth TransCultural  Exchange’s 2007 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts was the first ever Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts to be held in America.  More than 60 representatives from around the world joined over 350 attendees, turning Boston into the hub of the global arts community. Speakers presented their long- and short-term international residency opportunities for artists as well as information on funding and global exhibition possibilities.

    Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to join residency directors, museum curators and grant-makers speaking about their programs both here and abroad. Information on the 2009 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts, which will be held in Boston in April of 2009, will be available on TransCultural Exchange’s website later this year. Be sure to register early to take advantage of reduced rates and mentoring sessions for this important professional development activity.

    TransCultural Exchange would like to thank the speakers, moderators and registrants who attended the 2007 Conference, as well as Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism & Special Events, Délégation du Québec à Boston, French Consulate (Boston), Fred Johnson, Amit Kanodia, Richard Lappin and Julia Rabkin, LEF Foundation, Massachusetts College of Art, the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s John and Abigail Arts Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McDougal Littell (a division of Houghton Mifflin Company), Amy and Catherine Merrill, Northeastern University, Res Artis, and the Turkish Cultural Foundation for their support of the Conference.  TransCultural Exchangee is an award-winning  501c3 non-profit dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of world cultures through high quality exhibitions, artist exchanges and related educational programming. 

    conference PARTICIPANT
    I am pretty confident that I can get admitted to an international residency for two months in Finland. I am applying for Feb and March, 2008, the months when one is most likely to see the Northern Lights. I would love to photograph that. I have to propose an art project I will work on for the 2 months; I have plenty. The woman who runs the program is very cool. Her name is Marja de Jong. I met her at a Boston conference (this past April) on int'l art residency opportunities worldwide. This was a very interesting conference sponsored by Boston's TransCultural Exchange group. *Assuming* (which I hear one should never do...) I get accepted, I will be looking for some grants / scholarships to help me pay for the flight, modest program fees, and art supplies.

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