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artist-in-residence 2007-2008


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  • new collaborative exhibition -Sojourn in White-

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    closing the office of the FUTURE UNINCORPORATED of Cassie Thornton

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    Näyttelyssä on esillä talven taiteiljaresidenssiohjelmassa viimeisen neljän kuukauden aikana vierailleiden neljän nuoren taiteilijan töitä. Taiteilijat tulevat Hollannista, Australiasta, Iranista ja Japanista ja heidän töissään näkyvät taidekeskuksen ja sen ympäristön tuomat vaikutteet. Artist-in-residence program

    Ilse van den Berk

    Ilsen maalaukset ovat heijastumia taidekeskusta ympäröivästä luonnosta. Hänen pitkät kävelyretkensä ovat tuoneet ainutlaatuisia ideoita maalauksiin. Vaihtelevat maisemat tiheine metsineen ja avarine peltoineen ovat synnyttäneet tuntemuksia ahdistuksesta täydelliseen vapauden tunteeseen.
    Ilse van den Berk at work in the atelier
    Presentation of the works in the virtual gallery

    Claire Watson

    Claire käyttää töissään tuotteita ympäristön vihannesviljelmiltä.
    Statement of the artist about her plans
    Claire Watson at work in the art centre

    Miyuki Kido

    Miyuki on muuttanut residenssin aulan sekä käytävän näkymän rakentamillaan paperiseinämillä.
    Miyuki Kido presentation of her work

    Behrouz Rae

    Behrouz on muodostanut installaationsa ullakolta löytämistään esineistä. Behrouz jatkaa taiteilijaresidenssiohjelmassa huhtikuun loppuun asti. Behrouz Rae planning of the installation
    and progress of the installation on the installation on the attic

    Exhibition and presentation of the art works and installations of Ilse van den Berk, Claire Watson, Miyuki Kido and Behrouz Rae.

    Since starting the collaborative project Sojourn in White, the artists have been working hard and produced some very exciting and interesting new collaborative work.

    The project's progress shows both artist's willingness to push their practice beyond their usual framework. New work is being developed each week, so the final selection of works will be drawn from a wide range.

    The Iranian artist Behrouz Rae, has been exploring Indian ink as a medium which he has never done before. He has also introduced colour into these works where normally he uses shades of black only.

    Ilse van den Berk from the Netherlands, has been responding to Rae's drawings with more freedom than usually characterizes her mark making. She has also for the first time been producing installation in response to Rae's practice.

    All the images reveal, the artists have found a visual synergy that is remarkable given their disparate practices.

    Curator: Claire Watson (Australia)  

    Exhibition, installations and opening LABYRINTH by Behrouz Rae, Fereshte Moosavi and Ilse van den Berk during May 2008 are part of the start of the summer season in Saksala ArtRadius.

    VARIED PALETTE OF ARTISTIC IMAGINATION in art centre Saksala ArtRadius

    OPEN DOORS APRIL 29 from 12-18
    parts of the presentation
    During the winter 2007-2008 an interesting collaborative project was devised between two artists from Iran and the Netherlands.  Behrouz Rae and Ilse van den Berk have been working together on a project entitled SOJOURN IN WHITE related to a stopover in Saksala during winter time.
    This project challenges the artists to go out of the box from their usual practice and work in a dialogue with the work of the other. The result is an installation presented in different rooms of Saksala with objects found in the Saksala building and drawings/paintings where the artists have followed the creative steps of each other.
    Behrouz Rae and Ilse van den Berk responded to each other through different layers of each separate works. The curator of the project, Claire Watson, is supervising the process and even though she has returned to Australia she is in close contact to guide the artists through the project's the development.

    The planning is to have the installation and exhibition on different other places in the world. There are contacts in St. Petersburg (Russia), Victoria (Australia) and Boston (USA). It would be nice to have Finnish artists involved in the next part of this project.

    The Iranian artist Behrouz Rae has been in the art centre from February until the end of April. He is very interested in the human history of the place he is staying. He discovers the attic (by -20) and has found the tracks of the past when Saksala was an old people’s home and some rests of the past of the time Marja de Jong has lived in the Netherlands. He has not any idea of the meaning of the objects, but has made an installation SPEARED MEMORIES 1 by making his own memorial history about the tracks. The whole (unused and not renovated) attic is now a special area like the place where archaeologists are carrying out excavations. It will tell every visitor an own story related to the personal relation with the past of Saksala.

    Another part of SPEARED MEMORIES is the second installation in the basement of the building. These installations of Behrouz Rae will also be interesting in relation to the exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME 2 which will be installed in June.

    The artists Behrouz Rae (Iran) and Fereshte Moosavi (Iran/UK) are selected for the WOOD/INSTALLATION symposium in the LABYRINTH ‘FINNISH FOREST – A SOURCE OF ART’ to take part in the first part of the symposium. Both artists are collaborating in making a visual monument for the people related to Saksala. The portraits which are the result of the collaboration will be installed in the LABYRINTH as a portrait gallery. Different persons are part of the gallery, as a worker in the past of Saksala, as a neighbor living next door, as the artistic component of the art centre, as the technical supporter of Saksala. The second part of the symposium will be executed during the end of July and the beginning of August. An artist from Turkey and one from Canada are already selected. There is still a place available for a Finnish artist. Finnish artists can apply until May 15, after that date the committee will select the artist. If no Finnish artist will apply or is not qualified, there will be a personal invitation to an artist. The curator of the symposium is the sculptor Lucien den Arend, he is living in Kangasniemi.
    The symposium is supported by the Arts Council of Finland.
    Länsi Savo is contributing in the maintenance of the LABYRINTH.

    Arts Council Finland
    AllaprimA foundation the Netherlands
    Encouragement Fund Finland
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