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    This pages informs about the costs and conditions of an artist-in-residence in art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    We prefer applications for the full residence fee, but feel free to apply for one of the SAR scholarships  to reduce the costs of your residency.
    To start the application you need to pay 25€ for the administration and to take up your request. After your application has been accepted it will be deduct of the total fee.

    You can send an email with information about your plan, your cv/résumé and additional information to test if your application can be successful. There is no charge for this, but is also not an official application.

    The art center does not have (yet) a free artist-in-residence.
    The art center is not paying a compensation to artists.
    The art center only have scholarships to reduce the costs for the accommodation in the art center.


    To be sure your application will be in the selection procedure you have to take care of all the documents needed for the application. Without a clear portfolio we cannot start the selection procedure.

    An official invitation for a visa application can only be send if the official papers you are sending to the art centre are authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.


    The fee for the artist-in-residence is 1750€/month, artists can apply for a reduced  fee from 400-550€.
    The fee is including a single studio and (shared) work space.
    The fee is excluding daily living costs, travel costs, materials, insurances and personal expenses.

    In cooperation with AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry and the AllaprimA Foundation art centre Saksala ArtRadius can offer artists the possibility to reduce the costs for the accommodation in the art center by a scholarship. Applying for a scholarship means that the applicant commit oneself to accept the conditions for the scholarship.

    - Artists can apply for a scholarship in the same artist-in-residence application.
    - The scholarship is inextricably bound up with the physical stay in art centre Saksala ArtRadius for the period as has put down in writing in the scholarship certificate.
    - The scholarship is from 700€ up to 1200€ per month.
    - The minimum fee the artist has to pay for an artist-in-residence is 400€/month.

    We recommend only to apply if you are able to pay the monthly fee and other expenses.
    When you apply for grants in your own country, start early to get a decision in the right time.

    conditions scholarship

    staying in the art center

    The art center started in 2005 with the first guests and the first artist-in-residence. Artists are invited to stay in the residence program and to take part of the special ambiance in the center. There is no huge organization on distance, but a direct contact between the artists and the staff of the small organization. It is the individual artist who makes his/her own program and atmosphere.

    When possible artists can collaborate, but there is no guarantee that this can be realized, it depends on the number of artists and their interests.
    The idea is to create a place were artists can work on their own artistic work, take part in the social live of the local community and be a part of the growing, changing and exploring art center.

    As a part of the temporary community in the center every artist is taking part in the maintenance of the art center. For instance in winter all can help with the wood storage for the heating system. Working together to prepare exhibitions and presentations is also a basic part.

    Living in this young, small and developing art center gives unique and unexpected experiences to the artist with an open mind and interested in unpredictable ambiance.

    special information:

    • An allowance is available for the guidance of students and summer visitors
    • The common rooms are to be cleaned by the participants collectively.
    • Personal accommodation is to be kept clean by the individual
    • All studios must be clean and undamaged at the end of the stay.
    • A deposit is required to cover any eventualities. This will be liable on application.

    conditions and rules of art centre Saksala ArtRadius


    On the website of the Finnish Immigration Service you find information about the application conditions for a residence permit.
    Information and application about a visa is published on the on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    We recommend to read this information carefully before starting the visa procedure.
    After a positive decision about your application and after your payment we will send a official invitation to use for the visa/residence permit application.
    At request of the embassy the art centre will directly inform the authorities about the application.
    The art centre is not responsible for the result of the visa application.

    A. artist-in-residence


    The artist-in-residence is ongoing. Every artist is welcome to make a reservation for an artist-in-residence to stay and work on the own art production.
    A. The monthly charge is € 1.750 per person (single) studio and workspace.
    The year round.
    Deposit 250€

    It is possible to apply in the support artist-in-residence program.

    B1. Monthly charge 550€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    The year round.
    Deposit 250€

    B2. Monthly charge 400€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    Period from November 1st -March 31st.
    Artists up to 35 years.
    Deposit 250€

    B3. Monthly charge 250€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    Work contract 300€/month for 10 hours work/week
    Period from November 1st -March 31st.
    Artists up to 35 years.
    Deposit 250€
    LIMITED AVAILABLE for the second/third month of an artist-in-residence period.

    Other grants have to be applied for in one's own country.

    The total amount has to be paid in advance.
    There is no refund of the residence fee.
    The scholarship has to be paid back when the artist does not arrive, cancels, stops, break off the artist-in-residence - irrespective of the reason.
    The deposit will be refund 4 weeks after the physically stay of the invited artist in the artist-in-residence, if necessary reduced by costs of damages, prepayments, etc.
    The deposit will not be refund when the artist-in-residence has cancelled by the invited artist.


    Artists can send an application during the year to stay for at least 1 month up to 4 months.
    We prefer artists who want to stay for the whole amount, by that it is possible to invite other artists with a scholarship.
    To be qualified for a scholarship you have to include relevant information in your application.

    included in the fee:
    • personal accommodation
    • studio use
    • use atelier/workspace
    • use internet access
    • use of library
    • use of tools and machines
    • contact with the professional artists
    • regular open meetings
    • exhibition entry
    • participation in the development and presentation of guest programs

    not included in the fee:
    • materials used
    • special tools or machinery
    • upkeep of personal accommodation
    • meals
    • personal expenses
    • health, liability and other insurances
    • travel costs
    • visa costs

    Daily living costs are about 50-100€ a week, by applying for a grant (in your own country by yourself).
    It has to be a part of your budget.


    There is a limited number of places for young art and art education students.
    To avoid disappointment it is wise to contact the organization at Saksala ArtRadius at an early date.
    Applications may be made by students during the year preceding the final examination year.
    The following criteria will be applied:
    • Qualified at an Academy of Art or University of Applied Science (or equivalent education) in Europe
    • Sufficient motivation for concentrated work at an isolated location
    • A willingness to measure one's vision with those of others

    More information: student-in-residence

    Interested, please send an email with your personal data, CV. We will send you the official application form.  


    fee = costs the artist has to pay for the accommodation
    scholarship = amount that reduces the fee for the accommodation
    charge = the amount that is on the invoice we send to the artist
    deposit = security money that has to be paid in advance and will be paid back after the physical stay in the art center, if necessary reduced by costs of damages, prepayments, etc.
    accommodation = residence studio and work space
    cancellation = canceling, not arriving, break off, stop the artist-in-residence stay - irrespective of the reason


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