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international artist-in-residence program in rural Finland

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  • Your artistic plan for staying in the residence

    To make your stay in the art centre as productive as possible it is necessary to have a (complete) idea of your plan during that time

    If the plan does not fit with the possibilities (material/tools/machines/space/persons/etc) there are, you will get information about it so you know what is the limit

    So please answer the questions and we can organize the best solutions for you.

    what period you prefer?

    1 about your plan
    1.1 what do you expect from your time in the art centre?
    1.2 is there a plan you want to realize?
    1.3 if so, can you give an idea of it?
    1.4 give some inside information about your plan
    1.5 is your work temporary/permanent/other?

    2 about the space and materials
    2.1 what kind of space you need: inside, outside, water or forest area, urban area
    2.2 what kind of materials/tools/machines/etc you need? (except your own)
    2.3 is there any special you are thinking about?
    2.4 do you need computer programs for your project?
    2.5 if so, what kind of programs you are looking for?

    3 about contacts
    3.1 what kind of persons in connection with your plan you would like to meet?
    3.2 do you want to visit special places/locations in the area of the art centre?
    3.3 if so, what do you want to visit?

    4 about presentation
    4.1 what are your plans with the final products of your stay?
    4.2 in what way do you need help to give presentations of your work?
    4.3 do you want an exhibition, performance, webpage, installation, video, etc?
    4.4 are you going to make a documentation of the work and/or the process?

    5 about the artistic works/results
    5.1 the work is owned by the artist
    5.2 until the end of the residence period the sales rights of all the works created during the residence period are by the art centre
    5.3 by selling the art works during an exhibition and/or selling art work made during the artist-in-residence period the art center will charge a commission of 30% of the sales price + 23% VAT
    5.4 the artist can conclude an agreement (consignment) with the art centre about the period the work will be in consignment in the art centre (at least until the end of the year of residence period)
    5.5 in case of the support artists-in-residence program (2) the art centre has the right to use the work for publicity and presentations
    5.6 in case of the support artists-in-residence program (2) the artist gives one work for the collection of the AllaprimA MuseuM
    5.7 in other programs/cases there will be conclude an agreement by the art centre and the artist about the way the work can be used for publicity and presentations during a certain period

    6 about other conditions
    6.1 the applicant will fill the application form complete and truthfully
    6.2 the applicant takes care of the right documents and insurances need to stay in Finland for the time agree in the contract
    6.2 after a positive decision the artist will get a contract for the period of staying in the art centre
    6.3 the artist sticks to the conditions and rules of the art centre

    Interested, please send an email with your personal data, CV. We will send you the official application form.

    Please give your name, address, education, day of birth, email and website (if available)
    short description of your plan. Without this information we do not reply.

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