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Haukivuori: Karhuntie - Lemettiiäntie -Taulumäentie


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    AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry is planning VIA.ARS.NATURA, the way to art and nature a program to develop new facilities and actions in the countryside and to develop a network of people living near old (historic) routes in the hinterland of the main roads and start a co-operation with professional (international) artists.

    The artistic view by foreign artists will increase the expertise, skills and knowledge of the people of the rural area, and will also widen the perspective on the own surroundings.

    Through the program, the cultural environment will undergo a development initiative and will also have an influence on (international) visitors and travelers with cultural and ecological interests.

    1st PHASE - PILOT PROJECT Haukivuori: Karhuntie - Lemettiiäntie -Taulumäentie

    The 1st phase of the project will be focused on the realization of some art works and with the promotion of local products of the involved farmers. In the pilot-project we will start with practical executions on a part of the old road Haukivuori-Mikkeli, Karhuntie-Lemettiiäntie-Taulumäentie. This road starts just after the junction towards Kalvitsa and ends on the Saksalantie. This route passes the monolith Saksalanharju, the characteristic fields of Lietjärvi, art centre Saksala ArtRadius and carpenter RISLAPUU.

    * In cooperation with local people we will explore and document the characteristics of the natural and cultural elements in this part of the rural landscape, like fields, fences, stone walls, hay rolls, wood- and root piles etc, but also the way how the personal yard is organized and bring it together in a database.

    * In cooperation with the local actors we will start to profile ideas, products, participation, and contributions which can be part of the identity of this route.

    * We will search for possibilities to add site specific art and land art in the landscape to focus the attention of passers-by on the characteristics of traditional agriculture and forestry and, at the same time, on contemporary art.

    * In the pilot-project it is important different people can develop and contribute new elements in their own surroundings.

    * We will organize presentations for other locals about the development of the project and through community participation, education make contemporary art more accessible and we will involve the schools in the project.

    * During the pilot-project we will search funding to continue and to start and execute the development project VIA.ARS.NATURA, the way to art and nature.

    * Finally the pilot-project will be published in Finnish and English on the website (to be developed), so the results can be seen by an international audience.

    * The pilot-project will execute a contribution to develop sustainable attractions to authentic Finnish rural landscape of the route.

    * As a part of the pilot-project it will search for innovative land art projects abroad to research the background and build an international network of similar projects. This pilot-project does not include visits but in the future development project some of these can be visited.

    The project can be found on the website of AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry and Rhiz.eu.

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