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VISION - the way to art and nature


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    Art is a basic human attitude; it gives content to one’s life and thoughts and the integration of art in the future view will be an innovative action of great importance.

    The area of Eastern Finland has the potency to be a source of wellness for other parts of Europe. In this area there is space, tranquility and serenity, nature, clean environment and silence. It has not changed yet into a general touristy area, but there are signs it could be possible that these treasures will be easy accessible for a short term success.
    Agriculture and forestry are still the main means of living. Industry is a small part of the economy. New technology, higher education and tourism are important parts of the economic growth of the area.
    The integration of art, and art related fields, are a sign of high cultural standard.

    The region has many values to offer to visitors. Tourist industry has a positive future through offering the treasures of the area to a growing market. It is a risky misunderstanding to change the original natural structure for the short term satisfaction of mass tourism - for short term economic revenue, because when the treasures are lost, only consumerism will be left.
    -It is like cutting the trees to make parking space for travelers who want to walk in the forest -
    Consumerism is focused on the outside and not on the content of human life. It gives consumers a short period of pleasure and wellbeing but it keeps demanding new stimuli. It is a risky thought to invest all the energy, capital, sustainable reserves and education only in this kind of tourism. This tourism also lays a huge and irresponsible claim on the environment, energy supplies and climate.

    It is important to create a future vision where consumerism does not lays an irresponsible claim on the environment and where new and environmental friendly, sustainable alternatives are within reach.
    Cooperating with international artists is a fundamental part of the content of innovative creative and cultural tourism. With the help of artists a valuable tourist industry will be created. It will also open eyes of the local people to global values.
    Innovative active cultural and creative tourism is the result of the integration of art and art related fields in a sustainable development of the area.

    Innovative active cultural and creative tourism is an interesting vision on tourism and looks towards the future. It is developing new ways to enjoy holidays, leisure time, business excursions and retreat.

    It is in a special and original way focused on the area of the well-being of tourism - by combining art, culture, nature and activity (involvement).
    Nowadays everyone needs rehabilitation and recovery in relation to everyday- and working life. Innovative active cultural and creative tourism is a non-conventional way of spending free time and it is a challenge to participate actively.
    The main philosophy of innovative active cultural and creative tourism is:
    ‘intellectual’ wellness as result of active participation in art and art appreciation

    Exiting personal values are the result of having the experience to create and appreciate artistic work, to have interesting discussions, to participate in performances, to get in contact with different fields of art, culture and nature, to see the environment in another way. It gives extra and positive value to one’s personal life. Through participation of international artists it also will give the local society a view to another global civilization.
    Innovative active cultural and creative tourism is using the quality and characteristics of the area and makes the area renowned through combining art, culture, nature and activity.
    Innovative active cultural tourism is a sustainable way of tourism and combines the awareness of the visitor with the artistic, cultural and nature possibilities of the area.

    The project can be found on the website of AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry and Rhiz.eu.


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