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Henk de Croon

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    July 20-29 2006

    music theory
    solo diploma organ

    professional expertise:
    conservatory major professor music theory
    conservatory professor music
    organ player

    In the Netherlands there is a long tradition for organ players and there are many possibilities to study organ in a professional way and also for free and part-time organ players.
    In Finland there are many beautiful organs and they are inviting to be played frequently also in an artistic way.
    Making an exchange between the expertise in Finland with the Dutch expertise new and exiting experiments are possible on different levels.

    In the project ART ENLARGES THE AREA we are looking for a way to involve children, youngsters and adults to art. Playing music, listening music, enjoying traditional, new and experimental music and instruments is a part of this project. (part of art education)
    In Finland there is a high level of music tradition and it is interesting to investigate how to use this interest in music with a traditional instrument like an organ.
    The Dutch musician, organ player and music professor Henk de Croon is creating a program to develop this interesting and exciting area.
    During his stay in Saksala ArtRadius there were meetings with Pekka Silkavirta from Seurakunta Haukivuori.
    As the local organ player Pekka Silkavirta shows the organ of Haukivuori and explained the need of promoting organ music in Finland.
    There were also visits to the organs and organ players of Juva and Mikkeli to see the kind of organ and the sound of it.
    These organs have many possibilities and will be a part of the program in 2007.

    TTo keep organs in a good condition it is necessary to play on it in a professional way.
    The organ can be used as a solo instrument, but also in combination with other instruments and singers to arrange during the time interesting and surprising concerts.

    During the period of his stay in art centre Saksala ArtRadius the main idea:
    -compile an organ concert program for different organs and experimental organ dialogues for different professional (international) organ players-
    has planned.

    The basic idea of the concerts and the organ dialogues are:e:
    - show the pleasure to play and listen to organ music to the public
    - give singers, solo and choirs an interesting guidance by good organ play
    - give youngsters a view on the possibility to play organ
    - development of (young) organ players
    - create a tradition of organ concerts by different organ players during summer time for local people, (music) tourists and summer guests
    - start with organ dialogues  by national and international organ players on the Walker organ in Haukivuori  and organs with different sound and character in other places

    With the organ concerts the organ music of different composers (also Finnish composers) can be execute by different organ players, who have all their own touch and sound.
    All together the organ, organ music and organ players can give the public an interesting music experience.

    music program summer 2007
    1. Series of organ concerts on different organs in summer 2007 in:
    Mikkeli, Juva and Haukivuori by the Dutch organ player and music teacher (academy of music Tilburg NL) Henk de Croon.
    These organs have all specific sound and environment and are each inviting for an own program of organ music.
    With an arrangement of music suitable for the own character, the sound and the reach of each organ it can be audible for the public.

    2. National and international organ players will be invited to start in an experimental way playing on the Walker Organ in Haukivuori.
    This special 'dialogues' for professional (young) and free-time organ players can give an upgrade to the quality of the play of the music and will show the artistic fields musicians can use.

    3. Contact with music schools in the region to prepare the students on the possibility to take part in the master classes or to visit the concerts.
    These concerts can give an idea of the possibility to study organ.

    During summer 2007 Henk de Croon will be stay for at least 3 weeks to execute the different parts of the program.
    It is necessary to study the music on the different organs before the concerts.
    The master class takes a lot of energy to be fresh and clear for every individual player.
    When possible a special program will be created for the music school classes.
    During winter a consultation of the music teachers will give an idea of the level of and interesting program parts for the students

    It depends on the budget what is possible to realize.
    During autumn 2006 different grants will be submit.

    In July 2007 Henk de Croon is going to perform organ concerts in Juva (July 18), in Haukivuori (July 22) and Mikkeli (July 25).
    The mezzo soprano Marjan Booij is performing different songs during the concerts.

    project period June 1 2006 - December 31 2007

    The project is supported by the European Union.
    With this support it is possible to start and continue the ideas of the plan.

    The municipal of Mikkeli supports the idea of the art centre and makes it possible to start the program.
    The news paper Länsi-Savo and the constructor company Lemminkäinen Oy take both part in the start and developing of the program.
    In 2007 Suomen Kulttuurirahasto has given a stipendium to realize different parts of the project.

    With the support and guiding of Etelä-Savo Maakuntaliitto and Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta it is possible to create a good network.
    The AllaprimA Foundation supports the art education program by loan the interesting collection of child art.
    Arts Council Finland supports the development of the children's forest, a part of the art education program.
    The bus company De Jong Tours supports the development of the tourist part of the plan.

    Etelä-Savon Maakuntaliitto

    Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta

    AllaprimA Foundation

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