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taidekirppujen yö haukivuorella 2011


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  • FRIDAY 12.8.2011 - klo 17-21 Rautatieasema - Haukivuori
    SATURDAY 13.8.2011 - klo 10-16 Saksala ArtRadius - Saksalanharju

    More information about the MATTIAS MEMORIAL on the website mattias muistomerkki.

    At the end of the summer there is a cultural and artistic event and night on different places in the village.

    The annual TAIDEKIRPPUJEN YÖ is organized by Eva Häkkinen, Pia Niilo-Rämä and Marja de Jong and supported by many organizations and persons.

    In 2011 the TAIDEKIRPPUJEN YÖ is planned on Friday evening on the railway station square - rautatieasema in Haukivuori and on Saturday morning and afternoon at Saksala ArtRadius. On both locations there is an art fair with regional and international artists.

    AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry organized the 2011 edition of the annual taidekirppujen yö.

    This edition will be a very special one with many artists participating in it and various art activities for all ages.

    The event shows the artistic content of the village with a two days program on two different locations.

    FRIDAY 12.8. at RAUTATIEASEMA from 17-21 – art fair with visual artists, art activities for every one, installation of the MATTIAS MEMORIAL in cooperation with the participants

    SATURDAY 13.8. at Saksala ArtRadius from 10-16 – art fair with visual artists, exhibitions THIS IS OUR NATURE (child art) and SECRET GARDEN (knitted installation)

    Through the MATTIAS MEMORIAL the community shows their involvement with the image of the village. It shows the responsibility for the ambiance and atmosphere, and is part of an attractive presentation of the center for visitors and passers-by.
    The installation will be an ongoing process and every-one can contribute to it.

    The ART FAIR is an inviting presentation of different artists. The artists present and sell their works and publications, and they are also available for discussion and explanation.

    Different ART ACTIVITIES are planned to invite to be creative and also to add something the MATTIAS MEMORIAL. Making art is creating a valuable piece for your self and others.

    The exhibitions in art centre Saksala ArtRadius have got international attention. THIS IS OUR NATURE is the result of the art classes in the schools of Haukivuori last year and the works show the relation between the young ones and their environment. SECRET GARDEN is a colorful experience and inspiration of knitting.

    On Saturday all the knitted products in Gallery AbOVO (Saksala ArtRadius) will have special prices. There is a deduction of 20% on it.


    Friday August 12 17-21 at Rautatieasema

    Saturday August 13 10-16 Saksala ArtRadius




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