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  • International art centre Saksala ArtRadius can be found near lake Kyyvesi in the lake district of Finland. The main wooden building is built in the twenties and is a traditional lock building (hirsi talo). In this part the AllaprimA MuseuM is housed and there is a main room with a surprising library and internet access. In this part is also a room with machinery and tools. In the left wing of the wooden part is the main atelier in the attic.

    In the sixties the old people's home has been expanded with a stone part. The new spacious studios are located in this part.
    The artist-in-residence program for professional artists has an interesting special component for students in the arts and art education to study their final art practice. In the basement are work spaces and an atelier.

    Around the buildings are fields and forests. In front of the yard is the LABYRINTH located.

    The art centre has the expertise in the fields of art, symposiums, art education, children's art projects, and can offer special programs and projects for students of art academies, teacher training colleges and art education studies. It is possible to stay for a short time to finish a special project, to stay for a longer period to concentrate on a research or deepening of a theme.

    There are possibilities to do practical work, but also to study some theoretical items in art history and/or art education.
    It is also possible to come with a small group to work together on a project. The art centre has an interesting art and art education library and an interesting collection child art which can be used by the student-in-residence.


    The art centre is open the year round and has possibilities for summer and winter programs.

    The outside area is available for different kind of art projects


    The main atelier can be used for different kind of activities. The library has a collection of art books, art education books and information about all kind of subjects. Wireless internet access is available in this room.


    Studio with kitchen, shower and toilet.

    Museum with different exhibitions

    The artist-in-residence is supported by:

    Arts Council Finland
    AllaprimA foundation the Netherlands
    AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry Finland

    Saksala ArtRadius


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