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    “This diversity in visual art helps to strengthen and develop artistic activity in the Region, and to increase the impact on the general public and on stakeholders including artists, galleries, curators, museums, art institutions and critics in the Nordic Region and beyond”.
    quote: Nordic Council of Ministers

    “Artists’ residences are an important resource for the art community in our region. They give the artists and culture professionals an opportunity to work together with artists from other parts of the world, and to find inspiration within our region”, says Ragnheidur Tryggvadóttir, the chair of the expert group for residences.
    quote: KKNORD

    "4.2 Promoting the mobility of artists and cultural practitioners – who are essential for the flourishing of CCIs – contributes significantly to their professional skills and/or artistic development, developing their own research and exploration ambitions, opening up new market opportunities and enhancing their career possibilities in particular through their participation in residencies, festivals, live touring performances, international exhibitions or literary events. Mobility can also more directly impact positively on the performance of CCIs by opening up new market opportunities through schemes which improve industry export strategies, promote international job placement schemes or reinforce capacity building."
    quote: GREEN PAPER - Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries - EUROPEAN COMMISSION COM(2010) 183
    GROENBOEK - Het potentieel van de culturele en creatieve industrieën vrijmaken - EUROPEESE COMMISSIE - COM(2010) 183 definitief
    VIHREÄ KIRJA Kulttuuriteollisuuden ja luovan alan teollisuuden mahdollisuudet käyttöön - EUROOPAN KOMISSIO -
    KOM(2010) 183 lopullinen


    Funding for artists' residencies

    The module supports residencies that offer working facilities for professional artists and cultural operators

    * the module provides funding for individual residency centres in the Nordic and Baltic countries to receive professional artists and cultural operators
    * from other countries in the region
    * each residency will receive annual funding to cover scholarships for 2 - 4 artists
    * the scholarships should cover travel expenses, board and lodging for approimately 2 months
    * the residencies themselves select the artists according to the residencies' own criteria
    * the residencies are offered the opportunity to attend an annual meeting to exchange experiences and to discuss timely questions related to their work
    * the residencies are offered resources for joint information activities through which they can, for example, provide details on their application deadlines and criteria or introduce their facilities and the artists working in them

    Assessment criteria for residencies

    * the residency centre works with professional artists and cultural operators on a regular basis
    * the residency centre has explicit objectives and a desire to support innovative artistic work
    * the centre has capacity to support the work processes of the artists in residence
    * the residency centre has capacity to work with several artists at the same time or is engaged in documented partnerships with the local art scene

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius has applied in the RESIDENCE PROGRAM OF KKNORD, because the content, experience and expertise of the artist-in-residence program of art centre Saksala ArtRadius fit very well with the Nordic view on development of rural regions and creative industry. The art center is a pioneer in the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) and contributes extremely to the development of the rural area and the mobility and exchange of artists and cultural workers.

    In an application  for artist-in-residence support art centre Saksala ArtRadius has informed the expert group of Nordic Culture Point about the quality and importance of the program for the visiting artists, the cultural influence in the region and the importance for the artistic development of the youth. The artist-in-residence program of Saksala ArtRadius is an important stimulus for innovative cultural actions which will bring the isolated rural area of east Finland into the Nordic region.

    The outcome of the application however has made it clear that art residencies in rural Finland are not qualified as professional institutes. It also shows that the definition of the Nordic Region does not include Finnish rural areas..

    The published list of selected residencies shows that there is a high preference for non-profit organizations (non-commercial) in or near cities which are located at or near the coasts of the different Nordic and Baltic countries. This preference defeats private initiative to culturally develop the rural region, as if artist-in-residencies in rural regions are not professional. It qualifies artists participating in these residencies as amateurs (quote Helsingin Sanomat 19.9.2007).

    The opinion of the expert group ignores the conceived strategy of the Nordic Council, to activate the creative industry and to professionalize the artistic field. More and more artists are registered as an SME and to be able to produce their art, artists have to develop a marketing strategy also. Artist-in-residencies are protected areas for artists to work temporarily without this economic pressure and to work freely on their art production, building their international network. Residencies must to apply for funding to enable artists to work in an artist-in-residency.

    The expert group asserts that professionalism, competence and quality do not exist in Finnish rural areas. To the contrary - Innovative forms of creative industry are an integral part of the artist-in-residence strategy.

    It seems as if artists must be dependent on the goodwill of sponsors, grants, and subsidies in order to be an accepted professional artist. 

    Pioneering to creating new concepts and models has to be supported with vision and open mind. Entrepreneurship by artists, cultural workers, designers, scientists and other creative persons is demanding for other regulations which are not available yet. The difference between profit and non-profit, commercial and non-commercial is in the CCI not longer working. Some parts in an organization never will have benefit, while other parts are commercial very successful. It is the exchange between these different ways of thinking and executing which makes this sector so divers and innovative. There has to be enough space for freely research, development and exchange before new strategies, programs and products can be initiated.

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