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artist-in-residence 2011-2012

SILVIA Casilli

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    About Painting with Light

    Coming here I had no project at all out of that of meeting with Finland's nature. To tell the truth, I was following the clouds that from Italy had already brought me to Germany. But I felt that I had to go farther to North to see other spaces, other lights and water. At my arrival I was surprised by the large quantity of greens and I felt the need to make a sort of order to learn them all, to let them speak of the Spirit which is dwelling here. But I could not take only the greens forgetting all their other companions. I started so to look in deep and to collect the colors from Nature. I started from the birch, from its silvery white and I was surprised that I could not take it without the golden yellow of its inner bark, nor could I divide them both from the red of the firs growing near there.

    Even if Nature is now in its gorgeous days, lots of things made me think that this place is most of the time ruled by the whites of snow and ice. This is why I decided to put my precious findings on a white surface to play with white shades that might suggest me this winter presence.



    My work tries never to be descriptive as my aim is to suggest something which is beyond the visible and recognizable form. This is why I chose the route of lyrical abstract expressionism since the beginning. I am a painter and I cant renounce the physical contact with the substance of color, but along my way I have always been fascinated by the pureness of light. It became therefore natural to me to try to use my camera to capture these pure colors. By this means, I continue to paint but I use my camera as my brush and the things around me as my color tubes. My canvas is the air in which these colors dance and mingle. Naturalness is very important in my approach to art. My aim is to create images that might give the impression of having always been existed, or better that might have been grown by themselves.

    I have always been strongly affected by nature. it is not only my source of inspiration, but it is also the place where I get my hope and energy to go on living, notwithstanding the harshness I have experimenting in my own life. Nature speaks me not only of its variety of colors and forms, but especially of its enormous power disguised by its apparent silence and immobility. This is why my work is constantly suggesting movement and line/forces by means of which Nature expresses its essence through the ages













    Now my work is finished, I can say, and also my experience as an artist in residence here at Saksala ArtRadius Centre. I add my work to that of the other artists who have preceded me here giving my personal view of the theme 'This is our Nature'. It is interesting to see how different is the way in which each one approached the same subject. The outdoor space and the museum contain the evidences of all this process of entering in contact with the environment and of finding a key to disclose a part of the treasure. I found very interesting that in the museum the work of the artists is exposed near that of the children who come here and sometimes work with together with them farther than with Marja de Jong.

    I found myself at ease in this place, immediately at home. As an artist my reference point is nature and here I found inspiration and I was surprised that the elements on which to focus my attention appeared immediately clear to me.

    It is a peaceful place this one and a perfect place to work. Even if in the period of my permanence not so many artists where here, I could taste how lively and inspiring it is. The familiar atmosphere favors the exchange of experiences, also sustained by the very large library in which it is easy to find something interesting to go in deep.

    It is surprising that this place which is situated in a rural area near a very little village in Finland is chosen by so many artists from different parts of the world who come here to work, but now I well understand why.

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