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ART ENLARGES THE AREA stone symposium

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  • 2.3. stone symposium

    - through the stone symposium and the permanent monument after the symposium the tourist attraction of the sculpture park and the area will get more attention the year round
    - developing co-operation from the field of art- and commerce and industry will open new ways and models for sponsorship

    the basic idea is to create a monument of the 21st century

    a line of monumental sculptures on the 62º latitude will be a sign of the 21st century and stay for ever.
    •     human beings always leave signs and symbols
    •     monuments of past civilizations, like Stonehenge and Easter Island were made by communities, without an individual signature
    •     in our time we live in a society of individuals, every artist shows his own vision and relation to reality
    •     a monument of the 21st century will show a individual approach, and by organizing the sculptures on a grid will give a unique view of our civilization

    For the stone symposium Finnish black granite from the stone quarry will be available together with boulders dating back to out of the glacial period.
    Both materials are typical for the Finnish landscape.
    The granite forms the landscape and the boulders ‘grow’ in the fields during springtime.
    Both stones can combine and shall be interwoven with the Finnish lakes, islands and silence of the landscape as a contemporary monument for the future.
    Workspaces are planned in the Saksala area, the harbor and beach, and on islands in the lake.
    A group of minimal 6 international sculptors will be invited to work during 8 weeks in inspiring surroundings with these magnificent Finnish materials and visualize their own image of this primeval landscape
    This symposium will be the beginning of a monument of the 21st century on a marked line between Haukivuori and Kangasniemi on the H-K 62º latitude.
    In summer it will be found over the water and in winter over the ice.
    The islands in lake Kyyvesi with the sculptures are places where one find an interesting document of contemporary art and see the landscape from a different viewpoint.
     The monument will be interesting as a sign of this time and can see by individual visitors in different ways.
    The stone symposium is planned for 2008

    2.3. this part of the project will:
    a. build up a permanent monument of contemporary art
    b. develop the sculpture park
    c. visitors can meet working sculptors during two months
    d. give the landscape a new and different point of view by the sculptures
    e. give the area of Haukivuori a future with a growing tourist traffic

    It was not possible to get the funding and the symposium has to be cancelled for 2008. Still we are searching for funding and hope on the realization in 2009.
    In 2008 there will be a wood/installation symposium in the LABYRINTH.


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