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international artist-in-residence program in rural Finland


Margreet Huisman

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    July 28-August 14 2006

    -Academie St. Joost Breda - ceramic
    -Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam - monumental design

    professional expertise:
    - makes autonomous work  and unique pieces
    - art teacher
    - de Berckenpoort Dordrecht project leader
    - different international art projects
    - as an visual artist member of professional artists Culturele Raad Zuid Holland,
    - member of NVK. Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramiek
    - member of Teekengenootschap Pictura,Dordrecht;
    - a part of the artistic work is made in stone factories another part is made in own atelier

    During the period of stay in the art centre Margreet Huisman started two experimental workshops to test  to plan of a new series of workshops. At the same time she takes part in the discussion to create a good artistic field during all seasons in the art centre. With her expertise in the field of ceramic and international cooperation and contacts it is possible to open new perspectives for starting different ceramic projects during the year. The aim is to open the area for new experiments and introduce new groups of interested people to visit the district.

    As a part of her period in the art centre the start of the project ART ENLARGES THE AREA is celebrated with a successful  'open field' evening on August 12 2006.

    Series of workshops with experimental paper kilns in different times of the year and new experiences in ceramic firing in the fields of Saksala.

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius is planning experimental ceramic kiln projects during 2007.
    This paper kilns are giving the possibility to start experiences with unique ceramic works.
    Testing special effects of glazes, mix of clay, additives in and on the clay are more simple than in a conventional kiln.
    This paper kilns are easy to build and can be used by different groups of ceramists on all kind of places outside.
    The knowledge how to build and how to manipulate the fire, the construction and the green ware can build up by the experiences.

    One part of the project is creating an installation with series of paper kilns in a grid in winter time as in the darkness the glowing cones are shown. This artistic part will be a visual promotion for the experiments with ceramic kilns and invite to take part in it. The work on the paper kilns takes 4-7 days per session, depending on the number of kilns build in the field.

    A second plan is to create in winter time a grid of paper kilns by the artist and register the effects of it on the landscape.

    A third plan is to build with bricks huge figures which can stay for years to change in the time by the influence of the weather. This brick project will be done in Finland by artists working with this typical material and there will be an exchange with Finnish artists who can use the typical Finnish hirsi.
    This should be an Dutch-Finnish exchange project, maybe later add with other countries.

    The plans are under construction and during the months the results will be clear and published


    the characteristics of the experimental paper kiln

    results of the tested materials

    a presentation of the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA with honoured guests and the paper kilns effects

    see also the pages about the workshops

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