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news bulletin/nieuwsbrief 2006-15

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  • news bulletin 2006

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    In 2006 many international artists were staying, living, working, giving concerts and exhibitions in the art centre.
    Some artists start to build up new ideas for art programs in 2007. They are planning, organizing in their field of art workshops, art courses, concerts, performances, a symposium and are using their own network to create new contacts and an interesting and various offer to schools, visitors, tourists and artists.

    It was an exiting experience to have during this year so many different artists in the art centre . They came with different goals and with different expectations, for almost all it was the first time to be here. For the art centre it was for several activities the first time to organize. After one year  the art centre has grown and is more able to show the own identity.  With and by the artists new activities will come and there will be always new experiences for different groups of visitors, artists and children.

    An art centre can only exists by the people in it and artists are making the color, the atmosphere and the live in the buildings. Living together, working alone, discussing about the work or live all these aspects are part of it.     

    In 2006 31 artists have been in art centre Saksala ArtRadius:
    USA 3
    the Netherlands 9
    Thailand 1
    Australia 1
    Cameroon 7
    Poland 1
    France 1
    Austria 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Rumania 2
    Finland 2
    Turkey 1
    Kosovo 1
    Germany 2
    Sweden 1

    The first months 4 artists from 4 continents were participating in the supported artist-in-residence program 2005-2006.
    For three of them this was the first experience in an artist-in-residence, only Sarawut Chutiwongpeti has have a lot of experiences by staying in residences all over the world.
    Working for a long (winter) time in a place far away from the urban areas of Europe is a special experience and artists have to find their own way to exist in this art centre.
    Making a plan and working on your own, discussing with the other artists, having dreams, making new contacts, be disappointed, be exited by success, all is in this short time.
    A good residence period does not end after the stay, but goes on by the promotion through the art centre.
    The growing contacts of the art centre are a profit for the artists, of course when they appreciate.

    Elina Tuhkanen
      Jonathon Bailey
      Marius Monkam
      Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

    The art centre is also a centre were people can enjoy music performances. For 2007 many other plans for music workshops and performances are planned.

    January 21 Anna-Mari Salo-Karlsson has given a recital in the central hall of the museum.
    This vocal performance was visited by more than 60 people and has a very good atmosphere.

      In May the Dutch organ player Adrie van der Padt has given an organ concert in the church of Haukivuori. It was the second time he has given a concert on the Walker organ of this church.
    All the participants of the symposium were present during this concert and the walk through the forest before and after the performance has made this concert as a part of the Finnish culture.

    Adrie van der Padt
    the Netherlands


    In March a special group of artists was coming from Cameroon, they were invited by the artist Marius Monkam.
    These artists from the CADRA group were staying for 2 weeks in the art centre and have had an exhibition in the line of the "5 continents"

    Cecile Nadège
    Jules Marcia
    Marthe Clotilde

    In the first two weeks of May 6 international artists participate in "HOMO ERECTUS" the 2nd symposium of the art centre.
    The results of their work is exhibited in a part of the FOAM sculpture park around the art centre and in the AllaprimA MuseuM.

    Brigitte Sasshofer
    Janina Rudnicka
    Rumen Dimitrov
    Yldiz Guner
    Veli Blakçori

    In June the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA starts and to build up the knowledge and expertise to create interesting, artistic and economic activities different experts are invited to stay for a while and discuss about new program parts, build up information, start to look after funding, make promotion plans, bring in their network and advise, guide in fundamental business practice.


    In June and August Sarawut Chutiwongpeti has worked after his residence period for several weeks to share his knowledge and expertise in the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA.
    During that period he finished his VIDEO-DV production 'WISHES, LIES AND DREAMS' and it is showed during the KAMPUS FESTARI week of the POLYTECHNIC in MIKPOLI in Mikkeli.
      With his international experiences, his own artistic work and his experiences in the field of art organizations, the sculptor Lucien den Arend is a permanent adviser and (co-) creator of the art plans and programs in the art centre. He is a professional expert in art, sculpture parks and symposiums and is invaluable for the development of the art centre.
    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

    Lucien den Arend
    the Netherlands/Finland



    The professional master singer Marjan Booij is building an experimental vocal program for all who like to sing.
    In summer 2007 the first workshop will start.

      The conservatory music professor Henk de Croon initiate different organ concerts and in the same time experimental music dialogues with different musicians will be organized.

    Marjan Booij
    the Netherlands
    Henk de Croon
    the Netherlands


      The ceramist and sculptor Margreet Huisman has started the first experimental ceramic kiln in 2006. Her performance was a part of the 'open field' evening on August 12. She is planning new experiments for professional artists, but also for children and youngsters, in summer as well in winter.
      The visual artist Jolanda Schouten has started with a new program for art education in schools. A presentation of her own installation and  with the results of the workshop is in the AllaprimA MuseuM until January 31 2007.

    Margreet Huisman
    the Netherlands
    Jolanda Schouten
    the Netherlands


    The sculptor Ton Kalle has a lot of expertise in the field of stone sculpting and organizing stone symposiums. His international contacts and network of international sculptors is a guarantee for the quality of the stone symposium the art centre wants to organize in 2008.
      The international sculptor Mari Shields is an expert in different fields of art and art education. She offers her expertise to build up the quality of the children's forest and to plan parts in the art education program. With her participation the art centre  expand the own expertise.
    Ton Kallee
    the Netherlands
    Mari Shields
    USA/the Netherlands

    Also artistic guests has stayed and worked during the summer. They worked by themselves, start to take part in the ceramic experiments, were making tables, enjoy the area and the inspiring atmosphere in the art centre.

    Willy Smitss
    the Netherlands
    Inge Roozen
    the Netherlands
    Vincent Huisman
    the Netherlands
    Cully Renwick

    In September 3 artists were invited to make plans for the LABYRINTH. They stayed for about 2 weeks in the art centre and investigate the labyrinth area and designed their own vision for this project. During 1 month the plans are exhibited in the AllaprimA MuseuM.

    Irene Anton
    Ulrika Sparre
    Philippe Cusse

    In the new residence period starts in November and this year the art centre invited a German artist for several months  in the residence. During the winter period several artists will stay for a short period to cooperate in the project ART ENLARGES THE AREA.
    On the web pages about the residence there will be information about these artists and their work.

    In the future we are also looking for writers, because it will give new possibilities to all the artist-in-residence participants and we like to expand the base of the art centre.



    Julia Lazarus
    Margreet Huisman
    the Netherlands
    Mari Shields
    USA/the Netherlands
    Ton Kalle
    the Netherlands

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