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news bulletin/nieuwsbrief 2006-9

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  • news bulletin 2006

    this newsletter gives information about:

    -symposium HOMO ERECTUS
    -children's forest
    -art education
    -ceramic experiences
    -other activities
    -EU-project A.I.R.NET
    -FOAM sculpture park
    -art courses
    -summer courses
    -visitors and guests
    -sponsors and funding
    -ArtRadius Encouragement Fund
    -AllaprimA Foundation
    -planning 2007-2008

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    the application for the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA

    The idea, to create an art centre and sculpture park in Finland, originate by the Dutch artists Marja de Jong and Lucien den Arend. In Haukivuori, the area of Saksala was available and extremely suitable for the plans:

    - a building with enough space to house: studios, ateliers, workspaces, museum, gallery, library, meeting room etc.

    - an area with fields and forests very suitable for a sculpture park for contemporary art

    - a municipality with an eye for the offered possibilities by an art centre and sculpture park

    - local community satisfied with the idea the old building will get a new future

    - local specialists, like farmers, officials, with an open mind for giving advice

    - a nature with many possibilities for tourists, artists, visitors to walk, swim, go on bike

    - different other companies with offers like, fishing, canoeing etc

    - all kind of events in the area attractive for tourists from abroad

    These are good conditions to start a risky plan like this.

    The old people’s home Saksala in Haukivuori is a traditional ‘hirsitalo’ lock building build in 1920 and enlarged in 1968 with a brick part; it was empty after 1989 and it was in a bad condition. It was necessary to invest a huge amount to reconstruct it and to create possibilities to start with the art centre.

    Now Saksala is the main area of art centre Saksala ArtRadius and FOAM Sculpture Park, the art centre has established in 2003.

    After the first half of the renovation, the first art activities and programs have start in 2005.

    This unique environment offers art and art related activities for different target groups.

    - young artists can have a place where they can work while discovering their own artistic direction.

    - visitors from Finland and abroad can enjoy the art in the sculpture park, in the museum, the labyrinth and the gallery and can have art courses.

    - children and adults can take part in the art courses and workshops.

    - professional artists are invited to take part in the symposiums or art contests. Together all can contact and inspire each other.

    (art) teachers can have courses, lectures to have new points of view on art education
    this moment the art centre exists of:

    AllaprimA MuseuM for children’s art, contemporary art and young art (start 2005)

    FOAM Sculpture Park for contemporary sculptures (start 2005, with already 29 sculptures from 13 international sculptors - result of 2 symposiums)

    - art gallery (start 2004)

    - atelier and workspaces (start 2004 partly renovated)

    - art courses (start 2004)

    - art education programs (start 2005)

    - children’s forest (start 2006)

    - art symposiums (first one in 2005 - LESS IS MORE AGAIN and second one in 2006 - HOMO ERECTUS)

    - art labyrinth (start with the plans 2006 and the construction is planned for 2007)

    - studio-in-field project (ongoing project still no response)

    - artist-in-residence program (first artists in winter 2005-2006)

    - digital center (still in formation)

    - art shop (start 2005 temporary housed in a room of the museum)

    - collection children’s paintings from the AllaprimA Foundation (in loan since 2004)

    - art library (since 2005temporary housed in the meeting room)

    - meeting room (not renovated)

     The art centre and sculpture park are together with the projects, activities and program very important for the development of the art centre and local area.
     The historic area of Saksalanharju, Kyyvesi Lake and the village of Haukivuori into a value place to stay, to enjoy, to feel well, and to get inspiring experiences through art in a rural environment.
     The activities in art centre Saksala ArtRadius, the AllaprimA MuseuM, the FOAM sculpture park will have an international remarkable artistic area as result.
     A good network of art institutions with events like Savonlinna Opera festival, Mikkeli ballet and Mikkeli concert festival, exhibitions in Rettretti museum in Punkaharju, Mikkeli museums, Anttolan Hovi and other local and regional events, exhibitions and activities will offer the travel business an interesting product.
     The area will be interesting for professional artists, art related organizations, tourist industry, local and regional inhabitants.

    1.1 IDEA

    Art is, like science, a basic quality of human life.

    The project ART ENLARGES THE AREA is based on the idea art is essential for everyone’s welfare.

    People have an inherent power to design their environment and express themselves by art.

    Every civilization shows its view on reality by creating art; visual art, music, literature, performances, theater, dance etc. and it is possible to see the relation between reality and their view on it by their art.

    Children are the future of each society and we have to invest all our quality to give them tools to create their own life in a permanent changing world.

    It is important to grow up with art and have contact with art in every day life.

    Artists are able to visualize in a personal way new views on everyday reality.

    Every civilization needs artists to open eyes and give new point of views.

    - Art is fundamental for the quality and welfare of life and society.

    - Art enlarges the personal area and view on daily life.

    - Art activities, events and projects enlarge the tourist and economic traffic and the value of the area.
    1.2 PLACE

    The rural area of Finland is inviting for
    developing art and art activities because
    of the special conditions there are:

    space, nature, silence, peace and time

     The project ART ENLARGES THE AREA
    needs a stimulating environment to start, to
    develop and to continue.

    The area of Haukivuori has the possibility
    to grow into an interesting environment
    where art and art related activities are
    integrated and a part of the village.

    The locations Saksalanharju, the harbor,
    the islands in the lake, the forests and
    fields are excellent areas where the
    project ART ENLARGES THE AREA can taken
    place, all kind of art can create by artists,
    where art can exist and where
    visitors/travelers can enjoy art.

    The art centre is located near road 72 halfway Mikkeli and Pieksämäki.

    The main stream of travellers is now going
    over road 5 and 13.

    To open the area for travelers (from abroad) it is necessary to make it attractive to them.

    It had to be interesting to drive special to this area.

     With the international art centre and sculpture park and with events like symposiums and children’s art this region get a unique value for different target groups and will give more economic traffic in this area for many other companies.

     Haukivuori has a railway station and is by that also attractive or people without a car.

    1.3  BUILDING(S)
    In 2003 the old people’s home has started to be transformed in an art centre.

    The old building was empty for more than 10 years and it was in a bad condition. It was necessary to invest a huge amount to save and reconstruct it and to create possibilities to start with the art centre. The roof has reconstructed totally, the left wing of the wooden part has reconstructed and there are now 6 complete renovated and enlarged spacious studios in the brick building. An historic place creates a new future for all.

     The whole building has an area of 1744 m² and has situated on an area of 5 hectares.
    Starting the renovation was possible with subsidies of T&E keskus, loans from Finnvera and Osuuspankki and own capital.


    The art centre will be a place where artists, tourists, free time artists, art-lovers and children from all over the world can stay, work and enjoy art. People from Finland, Europe and the rest of the world can meet each other and have contact.

    The local and regional community takes part in this growing phenomenon. Local and regional officials are very positive about this centre and the meaning of it in their area.
    2. AIMS
    - The project ART ENLARGES THE AREA is developing a cultural travel program

    - The project is a development program of the art centre and the aim is to find, in a developing period of the art centre, an economical and continuously way to finance it.

    - The project will be a program in the fields of art education, professional art and tourism.

    - The project will give more quality and welfare in the life of individual persons and to the entire society.

    -. The project will create more tourist traffic in the area.
    2.1. art education
    - the final aim is the welfare of the children and youngsters, who have great problems in nowadays society and give them instruments to be able to manage their future.
    - one instrument is art, doing something with their hands and brains, it helps them formulate the surrounding world
    - these pilot courses for teachers helps them in their work and give them professional tools to educate art with a positive result
     The project ART ENLARGES THE AREA will start a permanent art education center -based on the great expertise build up in the huge collection of children’s art from the AllaprimA Foundation - with practical and theoretical programs for (art) teachers in the field of art education.
     The general aim of expressive development is to teach children to observe and experience in a more conscious way. Children learn to convert observation and experience into two- and three-dimensional images. They become aware of what they see, hear, feel and experience. They learn to be open to coincidences, to changes and more than one solution to a problem. This fundamental attitude can developed within the field of expressive development.
    Art is one of the basic human qualities. In the first years of a child's life, the view on reality is in an artistic way. Art is the open mind to the phenomena of the (unknown) reality. Children are able to see things in a new way, because they do not have any notice of the rules adults are using.
    2.1. this art education project will:

    a. enlarges welfare of children and youngsters
    b. retains and build up expertise in the field of art education
    c. develop good art education programs for teachers
    d. starts permanent training of (art)teachers
    e. establish center for art education
    f. make the collection of children’s art available for exhibitions, publications and investigation.
     2.2. art labyrinth

    - the aim is to create a permanent attraction - for all ages and all levels - with a high artistic valueue

    - creating an approachable attraction to invite people to visit the area

    - the labyrinth will give special experiences with space and art

    - with developing the labyrinth the attraction will keep its value for the future

     The place is an historical location and the labyrinth can connect the past with the future.

    Artist will make plans for building the labyrinth. Either they can embrace the past or they can seek contrast.t.

    The physical as well as the mental experience which the visitor has is what makes this forest into a place of contemplation – giving it new meaning.

    A group of international artists work together, to create and realize on the Saksala ridge a remarkable labyrinth what makes this forest into a place of contemplation – giving it new (artistic) meaning.

     In 2007 visitors can enter the labyrinth and during the years this area will grow into an exciting place for the whole region.

    The labyrinth is open the year round, can be used for art events and activities like exhibitions, performances, installations, etc.

     2.2. this labyrinth part of the project will:

    a. build up an attractive artistic labyrinth
    b. give new functions and a future the historic area
    c. invite new groups of travelers to this area
    d. make the area of Haukivuori attractive for visitors by offering a various number of art and entertainment activities

    2.3. stone symposium

    - through the stone symposium and the permanent monument after the symposium the tourist attraction of the sculpture park and the area will get more attention the year round
    - developing co-operation from the field of art- and commerce and industry will open new ways and models for sponsorship
     the basic idea is to create a monument of the 21st  century
    a line of monumental sculptures on the 62º latitude will be a sign of the 21st century and stay for ever.

    • human beings always leave signs and symbols
    • monuments of past civilizations, like Stonehenge and Easter Island were made by communities, without an individual signature
    • in our time we live in a society of individuals, every artist shows his own vision and relation to reality
    • a monument of the 21st century will show a individual approach, and by organizing the sculptures on a grid will give a unique view of our civilization
     For the stone symposium Finnish black granite from the stone quarry will be available together with boulders dating back to out of the glacial period. Both materials are typical for the Finnish landscape. The granite forms the landscape and the boulders ‘grow’ in the fields during springtime. Both stones can combine and shall be interwoven with the Finnish lakes, islands and silence of the landscape as a contemporary monument for the future.

    Workspaces are planned in the Saksala area, the harbor and beach, and on islands in the lake. A group of minimal 6 international sculptors will be invited to work during 8 weeks in inspiring surroundings with these magnificent Finnish materials and visualize their own image of this primeval landscape

     This symposium will be the beginning of a monument of the 21st century on a marked line between Haukivuori and Kangasniemi on the H-K 62º latitude. In summer it will be found over the water and in winter over the ice.

    The islands in lake Kyyvesi with the sculptures are places where one find an interesting document of contemporary art and see the landscape from a different viewpoint.
     The monument will be interesting as a sign of this time and can see by individual visitors in different ways.

     The stone symposium is planned for 2008

     2.3. this part of the project will:

    a. build up a permanent monument of contemporary art
    b. develop the sculpture park
    b. visitors can meet working sculptors during two months
    c. give the landscape a new and different point of view by the sculptures
    d. give the area of Haukivuori a future with a growing tourist traffic


    The project ART ENLARGES THE AREA has a lot to offer to different groups
    1. teachers from nursery school, kindergarten, primary school, art teachers,
    2. professional artists, amateur (free time) artists,
    3. tourists, families, children
    4. local people
    5. travelers, foreigners

    preparation period
    - making plans and programs for different parts
    - calculating the budgets
    - promotion plans
    - applying for stipendiums and sponsoring
    - investigation of an international exhibition in the sculpture park in summer 2007

    operation period
    - artists make plans for the labyrinth
    - making plans for exhibition children’s art
    - program art education (art) teachers
    - preparing the location for the labyrinth
    - investigation of the locations for the stone symposium
    - preparing the locations in the sculpture park
    - investigation for model sponsorship between art and commerce and industry

    operation period
    - promotion art education summer period
    - promotion sculpture park and labyrinth
    - final finance plan for the stone symposium

    realization period
    - realization of the first part of the labyrinth by the artists
    - preparing the area for the stone symposium
    - art courses and workshops
    - presentation in the sculpture park

    - result of the first period of art education program with making a follow up for the next years
    - program for the stone symposium in 2008
    - model for sponsorship and co-operation between art and business world
    - plans for an attractive area for tourist industry
    project leader: Marja de Jong
    assistance (part time)             name will follow later
    advising group: names will follow later 

    art education:   in this field we are looking for
                              1 a. a taidelukio
                              1 b. a kuvataidekoulo
                              1 c. a teacher/nursery training
    names will follow later
                               2. taidetoimikunta Mikkeli
                               3. AllaprimA Foundation the     Netherlands
                               4. organizations for education in     Finland and abroad
    stone symposium    1. Lemminkäinen Oyj
                                    2. Mikkeli Kaupunki
                                    3. de Jong Tours the Netherlands
    labyrinth   1. Haukivuoren Kunta
                     2. Länsi Savo
                     3. tourist organizations in Finland and abroad
    location for the stone symposium:
    1. art centre Saksala ArtRadius in Haukivuori
    2. islands in lake Kyyvesi in Haukivuori
    3. harbor and beach of lake Kyyvesi
    4. FOAM ArtRadius Sculpture Park in Haukivuori

    location for the art education program:
    1. art centre Saksala ArtRadius in Haukivuori
    2. AllaprimA MuseuM in Haukivuori

    location for the labyrinth:
    1. a field in the area of art centre Saksala ArtRadius Haukivuori
    - the area of the sculpture park belongs to the Haukivuoren Kunta
    - the harbor, lake and islands in Kyyvesi are public spaces
    7. consequences/results
    The results of this project makes the historic area of Saksalanharju, Kyyvesi Lake and the village of Haukivuori into a value place to stay, to enjoy, to feel well, and to get inspiring experiences through art in a rural environment the year round.
    Together with the other activities in art centre Saksala ArtRadius, the AllaprimA MuseuM, the FOAM sculpture park and the labyrinth a remarkable artistic and tourist attraction in this area will be the result.

    Through the activities from Saksala ArtRadius, it will be also attractive for others to organize different kind of events, like theater, poetry and literature festivals, music and dance performances. The ambiance of the area will get an interesting expression and that will result in more travelers -also from abroad. The Mikkeli area will get more to offer to visitors and the tourist business will grow.

    The area will be attractive for new, small businesses in the field of recreation, entertainment, restaurants, art shops, art ateliers, art supplies, renting summer cottages, building new houses.

    More jobs and new businesses will be the result of the economic activity through the project.

    The economic situation for the local inhabitants will grow in a positive way, more visitors, more inhabitants, more challenge to create new ideas.

    The area will be interesting the year round and that will break out the traditional summer holiday period and there will be a longer period of economic profit from tourists and other visitors.

    Co-operation with international tourist branch will bring new groups of tourists to the area and will bring new international contacts to the local people.

    These days people from all over the world are looking for special small-scaled places, with an own identity and with a personal approach, they will feel well in this inspiring environment.

    The area will get new inhabitants and the social structure will be more various.

    The new investments in the area make it interesting and valuable for young people to stay in the area and not to leave to big cities; they have a future in the area after a study anywhere else.

    With young people, staying in the region the social capital will rise.

    The experiences children and youngsters will have with art during their school time will enlarge their personal reality.  

    The result of the investment will be many times higher than the invested amount


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