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  • news bulletin 2006

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    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius applied for a grant from Arts Council Finland to start a special experimental project by foreign and national artists and children from the local primary school to work together to build up their own inventive constructions in the forests of the art centre. The project will start at the end of the winter of 2006 and go on through the year. Artists from different countries and cultures will participate Visions of artists and special foreign artists will stimulate to look after other solutions and new way to build. Different cultures will be combined and open doors to new ideas. It will be an example of mixed cultures as a common world. Art council Finland has given a support for this project from 3000€. With this budget it was possible to start the project in winter 2006 and by the support of others it was possible to continue in summer 2006. With the support of the EU project ART ENLARGES THE AREA it is also possible to continue the project in 2007 with different artists. A permanent construction workshop is located in the forest. Here the children get the opportunity to create their own form of living. With boards, branches and other material present at the site, they can create all sorts of buildings which need not to be taken down. Hammering, sawing, knotting and other techniques will invite to find solutions for the building planned. Tree-huts, connecting bridges, climbing-spots, hidings and any thinkable and unthinkable construction will spring up. In the course of the years the big children’s building wood will grow into a collection of diverse childish inventions in which they can play to their hearts content, change it and live in it. Every creation in the big children’s building wood is open to everybody. Some constructions will keep; others will show their shortcomings after a winter or storm. In a new season reconstruction thereof may take place. In this way children will get unparalleled experiences which are often impossible in the present urban environment. Experienced guidance is present, but the children themselves must plan and execute their ideas. They get the chance to test their solutions to really being able to realize what they want to do. Where necessary they will learn to work as a team to get a better result.
    The children's forest is an ongoing project and it will be never the same. In the beginning many places are available. In the coming years we hope this page will be full of many constructions of many different children. In 2006 children of the local primary school will build the first buildings and constructions. They are working together with the artist from the artist-in-residence program 2005-2006. These artists are coming from different parts of the world and bring their own vision on building, living, playing and creating with them. It will make the children's forest into a real international building place.
    The idea for the children's forest has started a long time ago. In the urban areas of the Western world there are fewer places for children to play and to discover the world outside the private home and school. There is no space, because everywhere are houses, roads, offices, shopping malls and the rest is arranged for free time. To grow up it is necessary to have all kind of experiences and for young children playing is the way they discover the world, themselves and their relation to it. With the visual language of different artists children will get a more interesting and expressive environment.
    In Saksala we are creating places where children can play on their own way. Not playing as a game, or like adults wants to do, but in a free way. In the forest are coming places where children can build, sit, rest, fight, play the games they can do. The world is real and the trees cannot click away like in the computer. The children's forest will be from all the children who have, are or are going to build in it.
    children and their vision To start the project it is important to work in different ways with the children. First we start with introduction lessons in the 6th class of the local primary school. Artists from Cameroon, Thailand, USA, Australia and the Netherlands have participated in that part
    The first assignment for the children from the ALE-ASTE KOULU (primary school) in Haukivuori was to visualize their ideas on a piece of paper without further information. Most of the children were not able to draw anything else than the clichés of trees, or were drawing complete other elements.
    The second introduction was related to the idea to think about the way how to build structures in the trees around Saksala. To show the area and the size of the trees they saw pictures of different arrangements. In combination with pictures from Cameroon artists it was possible for them to find new and interesting combinations.
    With a gray print of a single tree or a group of trees it is more inviting to start and construct new forms. The prints were made on A4 160 grs/m² drawing paper to guarantee a good quality of under layer. The children draw with graphite pencil B, 2B and 4B, some of them were using wax crayon. During the lesson the children got instructions and information about new possibilities. As much as possible real objects and pictures go with the instructions
    In the third lesson the central theme was to visualize how the buildings are in the tree. What is in front, what behind the trunk or branch? What is inside and what is outside? How can you show what is open and what is closed? How can you create a stable construction under the floor? Different pictures from the book: TREEHOUSES make clear what are solutions and even the trees did not to be drawn, it was not so easy to realize, but the results more insight in this problem. It is for children of 12 years old a challenge to discover this area step by step.

    It was a pity we could not continue the lessons in May 2006 with the realization of the children’s forest with this group from the primary school, but as a part of the program there was in summer the opportunity for children on holiday to work in the children’s forest. They start to build the first elements in the first part of the children’s forest
    With different special days ‘lapset metsä’ children were invited to take part in the realization. At the end of the summer the first houses were available and hidden under the trees. The planning is to start on several other places more of these constructions. Young children more in front of the art centre, to have an eye on them and older children can be more far away.
    Children start to play and work in the realized construction and in winter time they have ‘renovated’ the realized part. This it is how it has to go, ongoing changing and with new ideas find new solutions.
    In winter 2007 the 7th classes (the same groups as in 2006) of ylä-aste have got lessons to build with clay different forms of buildings. They have to work with items like cutting out forms from a cube of clay
    Taking care of the decoration of the walls and also modeling the interior of the buildings. Every group has got an own theme to develop different points of view on the subject.
    It was not possible to introduce different international artists during summer to work with the children, but in 2007 the project will go on. In May different artists are invited to work with the 7th classes of the ylä-aste koulu. In July during the art education symposium NATURALLY ART about using recycling materials in art lessons different national and international artists will continue with this project. Children from Haukivuori, but also from abroad have started an interested project that can grow during the years.
    The start of the CHILDREN’S FOREST is successful. By combining this project with the art education project ARTISTS AND CHILD ART it is possible to continue the process and to be sure of the cooperation with different artists. The Children’s Forest is now an interesting part of the many sided art centre Saksala Art Radius. Experiences in this project are also important for the art education centre and the way how to teach art to children.
    construction MARY SHIELDS USA/NL

    construction MARY SHIELDS USA/NL

    participating children

    in the lessons/workshops 27

    during special events 16

    by a visit/stay 19

    participating children

    in the lessons/workshops 126

    during special events unknown yet by visit/stay

    participating artists
    Marja de Jong – the Netherlands/Finland
    Anna Toljamo - Finland
    Jolanda Schouten – the Netherlands
    Marius Monkam – Cameroon
    Cadra group – Cameroon
    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti – Thailand
    Elina Tuhkanen - USA
    Jonathon Bailey – Australia
    participating artists
    Marja de Jong – the Netherlands/Finland
    Anna Toljamo – Finland
    Lucien den Arend the Netherlands/Finland
    Mari Shields USA/the Netherlands
    Matti Mattsson – Finland
    Irene Anton – Germany
    Ulrika Sparre – Sweden
    artists in the artist-in-residence


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