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news bulletin/nieuwsbrief 2006-1

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  • news bulletin 2006

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    In winter 2005-2006 the first artists participate in the artist-in-residence program. It was possible to invite 4 young artists and they stay from November 2005-March 2006. It was interesting that this first group came from 4 different continents and they all met in Haukivuori Finland. This little village in the country side is growing to one of the most international places in Finland.

    many things are going on: an exhibition at the end; intensive work in the basement; creating digital art work

    The art centre organizes this artist-in-residence for the first time and got support by the Arts Council of Finland for this initiative.
    A period of 5 months is a long time when you start, but by realizing your ideas and taking part in activities the period seems to be very short. The winter is dark, the days are short and live in wintertime is slowly. This aspect of the residence period is something we all have to realize. Living in a sunny country is different than a winter in Finland. Day and night are almost simular. Temperatures below zero and months of a white world. All these elements make this residence as it is.

    The second group of artists in this program is coming from Cameroon. During winter 2006-2007 they will stay and work on their own plan.

    different activities: skiing in the area of Saksala; making contact on the Christmas fair; having diner together

    The first residence period was valuable experience. Creating a place were artists can stay is one, making it comforable is two and let the artist participate in the local community is three.  It depends on the individual artist how he or she participate. Not any residence is able to give everything what is expected.  The rural area has its pros and cons, but is a real challange. The work space is like it is and in winter most of the work has to be done inside. It is not your own home and not everything is like there, but unexpected possibilities are given.

    The first residence period has ended with the exhibition '5 continents' with the work from all four artists. It was a great happening and a real succes. Visitors were very interested and it has showed the power of this concept.
    As  surplus 5 artists from Cameroon were taken part in this exhibition. It shows the international character of the art centre.

    One artist has stayed for a longer time and uses his expertise in artist-in-residence to work for the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA. During the Kampus Festari in Mikkeli Sarawut Chutiwongpeti has also showed 'parts his VIDEO-DV 'wishes, lies and dreams'.

    During summer and autumn 2006 there were the artists Jolanda Schouten from the Netherlands and Cully Renwick from the USA. Both artists had their own program and did their own investigations.

    Jolanda Schouten has during two weeks prepared the installation EDESTAKAISIN UNELMASSA/UNELMASTA and
    Cully Renwick has worked for three weeks in the art centre.

    After one year the network of the art centre in the art world has expand and every artist  related to the art centre can have profit from this.
    On the conference 'TransCultural Exchange' 2007 in Boston USA art centre Saksala ArtRadius is invited to take part in the program.
    Saksala ArtRadius is a partner in the residence project from the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and is building with other partners a group of residencial artistic exchange.

    To start an intensive relation between Finnish artists and foreign artists we want to create an 'artist parent plan'. 
    Finnish artists will be invited to take part in a group who is guiding foreign artists during their stay.

    We try also to find our own contacts abroad to give the possibility for an artistic exchange from Finnish artists.

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